ALCO heeds your needs and strives to understand how clients operate in order to tailor communication tools that match their identity. At ALCO, we listen before we execute.

ALCO ensures a truly enriching online experience for your readers with our ingenuity in blending simple presentations and workable interactivity.  Our designs are made to enhance your online branding using suitable approaches that encapsulate your image, identity, products and services. We pay attention to intuitive information architecture that sparks interest with end-users via user-friendly and aesthetic dimensions within the website.

Publication Design

Communication collaterals add power to marketing, sales, public relations, advertising and branding strategies. A complete branding turnaround should include fresh printed materials to fortify your communication channel with your audiences. ALCO can visually stimulate your brochures, posters, books, annual reports, newsletters, calendars, guides or kits to distinct styles that suite you best - from arty and casual, to sophisticated and chic, to corporate and neat.   

Corporate Identities and Brands
First impression counts! ALCO matches corporate identity with intelligent design that portrays the right image of the company. The corporate identity and brand must be competitive and reflective of the organisation and its products or services.

ALCO understands the importance of creating one's identity and brand as we journey with clients to work together to develop an identity and brand positioning that can strengthen market hold.

At ALCO, we believe in brands. We believe in their power, value, significance, and importance. ALCObrandz builds brands that are relevant and resonates with your people. We stamp your brands into the memories of your audiences to last and leave a good aftertaste.

Our trained eye sees more than attractive designs. We look into the depth and character of a company and its practice to birth a brand that is compelling and reaches out to the public. We believe in the art of seduction and play with style and substance. Substance in a brand is just as important as style because it gives a brand its alluring timeless nature that promotes brand loyalty.

Interactive Multimedia
Annual reports, event launches, sales kit, company profile presentation, product information kit etc can be dull without proper execution. By injecting interactivity into otherwise monotonous layouts, we can bring life to your websites, electronic kiosk machines, broadcasts and customise Windows or Macintosh applications by using interface and motion designs technology.

ALCO offers multimedia suggestions to clients through findings on what suits the receivers' interest most. By matching your identity to the message, we search for the best ways to connect with the audience using interactive solutions that pique their interests. Communication tools such as websites, CD-ROMs, flash drives, presentations and the like can be modeled into more effective transporters of information so that audiences can easily absorb the messages that are sent across.

ALCO provides superlative art direction experience and has guided many photo-shoots including specialist photographers in architecture, fashion, food, nature, portraits or photojournalism.





ALCO is a brand-strategist and creative communication solutions agency offering an array of advertising, marketing and business communication ideas that can increase the visibility of your organisation.

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